Birth Control

Webinar: How do hormones and birth control impact low libido?

Want to know why you’re just not in the mood at that time of the month? Maybe you started a new birth control option and your sex drive’s totally tanked. Well, look no further—our very own Dr. Laura Joigneau teamed up with Dr. Lyndsey Harper from Rosy to give you the complete lowdown on hormones, birth control and low libido. Check out their conversation in the on-demand recording.

Birth control and weight gain, explained 

Unwanted weight changes, especially weight gain, are often a top concern for many when it comes to hormonal birth control choices. But can hormones cause weight gain? And does birth control make you gain weight? Let’s jump in and get to grips with weight gain, the menstrual cycle and hormonal birth control

8 reasons why shaking up birth control is our first mission

Hey, birth control can be great. It’s given many of us sexual freedom and it can even help fix unwanted conditions like acne, period cramps, or migraines. BUT, if we’re not armed with all the info to help us pick the right one for our bodies, it can make us feel, well, awful. Read on for 8 reasons why we’re starting our mission with transforming birth control—and, importantly, what it means for you

Your period on the pill, explained: What is withdrawal bleeding?

Got your period, but you’re on the pill? Well, that’s not actually your period at all (*audible gasp*). Sometimes it can feel like there’s a minefield of misinformation around bleeding on the pill when all we really want to know is ‘are those brown blotches in my underwear normal or not?’ Read on to find out what is withdrawal bleeding?

Webinar: How to choose the best birth control for you and your body

There are many different types and over 244 different brands of birth control globally—so how come most of us have only been offered a handful by our doctors? Our Dr. Laura Joigneau teamed up with Dr. Jack Pearson from Natural Cycles to discuss what your birth control options are, bust the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and give you the legitimate lowdown on how to choose the best birth control for you, your body and your goals

Ask the experts: What’s the best birth control for mood swings?

Last month, you shared the questions you wanted us to answer about all things related to the best birth control for mood swings. Listen as our very own Dr. Arushee Prasad answers 4 of your burning questions.

Contraception and mental health: Why’s the link so… confusing? 

You may have heard us preach it before, but seeing as everyone is different (brilliantly so), our experiences with contraception will be unique too. During Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re exploring why there are so many different views on the link between mental health and contraceptives (and why it all gets so damn confusing).

Back to basics: How do birth control pills work?

We all pop our pills just as the doctor ordered, but how many of us actually know how birth control pills affect our bodies? In this article we get back to basics to answer, exactly how do birth control pills work?

Ask the experts: Can the right birth control improve mental health?

The link between birth control and mental health is difficult to navigate. We caught up with our Physician-Scientist, Alejandra Elder Ontiveros, MD, PHD, to get the low down on whether choosing the right birth control can improve mental health. Read on for her tips and advice

Your body, your choice: Why it’s okay to skip your bleed (and ignore the pope)

When it comes to birth control, it’s personal. At Tuune, we’re here to equip you with all the facts so you can make your own choices about your body. Today, we explain the strange history of the pill and the pope—and why your monthly bleeds actually have no health benefits whatsoever

Birth control and depression: How the pill impacts our mental health

The links between birth control and depression have been long debated. But for those of us who've suffered from mood changes on the pill– the connection feels all too real. Here, we take a deep dive into the effects of synthetic hormones on the brain, and touch on why there are reasons to be optimistic, even if we have side effects.

Is it okay to skip my period on the pill? (And other VIP period questions)

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to taking the pill, but what’s the actual truth? Read on as we share the latest science to help you decide what’s right for you

Why we’ve all been doing contraception wrong: How to find the best birth control for you

All of us are unique, so why are we treated the same when it comes to our contraception? Read on as we question today’s contraceptive ‘gamble’ and tell all about our personalized approach that means you can finally find the best birth control for you.

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