Webinar: How do hormones and birth control impact low libido?

Want to know why you’re just not in the mood at that time of the month? Maybe you started a new birth control option and your sex drive’s totally tanked. Well, look no further—our very own Dr. Laura Joigneau teamed up with Dr. Lyndsey Harper from Rosy to give you the complete lowdown on hormones, birth control and low libido. Check out their conversation in the on-demand recording.

Written by Annalisa Hayes

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Your hormones are (seriously) powerful. At Tuune, we’re very much ‘team hormone’, and know that truly understanding these wonderful chemical messengers is key to feeling your best. Read on as we share 3 stories to explain what can happen when your hormones are out of balance—and how we can help put things right

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For too long, people with cycles have kinda just had to grin and bear any side effects of their birth control. Read on as two of our clinicians explain why hormonal intelligence is your new-found greatest ally

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Breast tenderness is super common. But how do you know when (or if) it's a cause for concern? Read on to hear how it might just be your fabulously fluctuating female sex hormones that are bringing on your breast tenderness and what you can do to reduce any discomfort

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