Tuune success story: ‘You don't need to settle, or suffer, with side effects from your birth control’

After suffering from side effects, Ellen was burnt out by bad experiences with hormonal birth control. Feeling frustrated at the total lack of support or information from her doctor, Ellen looked for alternatives—cue, Tuune. Read on to hear how Ellen went from surviving to thriving and rebuilt a positive relationship with birth control

Our Co-Founder’s story: ‘It’s time we stop accepting side effects as some kind of toxic trade-off for being a woman’

Meet our Co-Founder and CEO, Shardi Nahavandi, who explains how her cancer misdiagnosis led her on a journey to fix the medical gender gap

Tuune success story: ‘Switching my birth control pill transformed my health’

When the birth control pill Jo had been taking for a decade started failing her, she felt unsupported by her doctor to find an alternative that suited her body. Sound familiar? Read on to hear how switching birth control pills helped her decipher her symptoms and set her on a journey to take back control of her health

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