Cheat sheet: What do female sex hormones do, exactly?

Quite simply, our hormones do A LOT. They never rest, always working to bring about important changes in our bodies. But which sex hormones do people with cycles actually have? How do their levels change throughout the month? And what role do they play in our bodies? Our female sex hormones cheat sheet is here to help, with plenty of facts to impress your pals.

Why society loves to criticize our brilliant, complex hormones 

Our hormones are incredible. Why is it then that being ‘hormonal’ is still viewed as an insult? Read on as we explore why it’s time to reclaim the term and finally give our hormones the respect they deserve.

How to handle a hormone imbalance

From regular periods to our skin having that golden hour glow, when our hormones are harmonious–it shows. But what happens when things get a little off balance? Read on to learn everything you need to know about hormone imbalances, from spotting symptoms to getting your body back in-sync

Cyclical breast tenderness: Are my hormones making my boobs sore?

Breast tenderness is super common. But how do you know when (or if) it's a cause for concern? Read on to hear how it might just be your fabulously fluctuating female sex hormones that are bringing on your breast tenderness and what you can do to reduce any discomfort

It's not just all in your head: How the menstrual cycle affects mental health

They help us grow, sleep, eat and move–but did you know our hormones also regulate our moods? Read on to hear just how much the rise and fall of our hormones each month has a hold over our mental health–and how you can work with the waves. 

Cheat sheet: How does the menstrual cycle work?

Last month, we explored our female sex hormones. Now we’re delving deeper into the somewhat complex yet fascinatingly brilliant territory of our menstrual cycles. Whether you’re a cycle-pro or could do with dusting up on your knowledge, read our no-nonsense guide to get clued up on the menstrual cycle stages

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