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Tuune success story: ‘Switching my birth control pill transformed my health’

MAY 4, 2021

When the birth control pill Jo had been taking for a decade started failing her, she felt unsupported by her doctor to find an alternative that suited her body. Sound familiar? Read on to hear how switching birth control pills helped her decipher her symptoms and set her on a journey to take back control of her health

Key Takeaways

  • Jo had been on the same birth control pill for 10 years, before she realized it was making her anxious

  • Feeling unsupported by her regular doctors to find an alternative pill, she signed up for Tuune

  • Jo received a detailed report on her individual health and personalized recommendations for alternative pills that suited her unique hormone profile. 

  • Six months into her switch, Jo’s mood has improved and she’s back in control of her health

I’d been on the same birth control pill for 10 years since I was 16. 

For a long time, the first pill I was prescribed really worked for me and to be honest, I’d never really given it too much thought. 

I had the routine in-and-out appointments with my doctor and I just kind of took what I was given and got on with it. Occasionally I’d notice mood drops just before my period, but nothing major that interfered with my day-to-day.

That was, until about 2 years ago…

Hello, side-effects

Each month, just before my period, I began to feel way more anxious than usual. 

This wasn’t just the occasional bit of PMS type mood drops that I was used to, it was becoming much more debilitating. I knew that every month, there would be this week where I just felt really rubbish, unproductive and completely not myself. 

None of it felt right and was all completely out of character for me. There was nothing in my life I could really pinpoint these feelings on. It really started to get to me. 

So, I started doing what only feels natural at times like these… I started Googling. I gathered my own research and stumbled across a lot of information online about the links between certain contraceptive pills and anxiety. 

Cue pin-drop – I realised it could be my pill that was making me feel this way. 

Falling on deaf ears

So, armed with my newfound knowledge, I took the logical next step and called my doctor to discuss my options for switching to a different pill. 

But my concerns weren’t met with the support or help I’d hoped for.

“I was left feeling frustrated that there was no larger conversation about me finding a pill that really suited my body”.

Jo Bottell, Tuune User

I was offered other forms of contraception, the usual suspects that always seem to be promoted to me when I go for my blood pressure checks, like the coil or implant–but little information about the other types of pill available to me. 

I didn’t want to switch birth control methods, I wanted to switch pills. I was happy taking the pill, it had really worked for me for a long time, I just wanted one that wasn’t going to make me anxious. 

Simple enough right? But I felt like there was a reluctance to discuss this in detail, and I was left feeling frustrated that there was no larger conversation about me finding a pill that really suited my body. 

Why? I felt lost as to where to go from there.

My Tuune Story: Jo

Taking back control

I was determined to not have to ‘just put up with’ these unpleasant side-effects, or concede to them just being a part of taking the pill’. It was time to take matters into my own hands. 

I signed up for Tuune and the team took me through Tuune 360. This took a really in-depth look at my medical history, any symptoms I’d experienced with previous birth control, my goals for taking birth control, my lifestyle and my mental health. 

I got a super detailed, individual health report, and the opportunity to talk to physicians that specialize in hormonal health. I learned about my unique hormone patterns and was able to identify all of the symptoms I’d been having–some I hadn’t even realized were from my pill!

I was given recommendations for pills that were much more in line with my body, which clearly stated the pros and cons of each option and how it could help my current side-effects. 

Finally, I felt like I had all of the information I needed to make an informed choice about my own health.

Making the switch

After reading the recommendations, I was really keen to get started and try out one of the new pills on the list. 

I switched to a different pill, and honestly, it’s been transformative. 

My mood is a lot more stable throughout the month–I don’t have those huge dips and highs anymore and I’ve learnt SO much about my body and general information about the pill that I was never offered before!

“Now, using Tuune, I have detailed information–not only about my body, but about all of the options available and which ones will work best for me.”.

Jo Bottell, Tuune User

Using Tuune has been such a refreshing experience compared to my regular doctors appointments. I felt like there was a genuine interest in finding the best options for me, never felt like I was taking up too much time and felt comfortable asking those embarrassing questions I’d previously felt silly asking at the doctors. 

There are so, so, so many pills available! Before, I knew of maybe 3… and never felt like I had much say in what pill I took or how it might affect me.

Now, using Tuune, I have detailed information–not only about my body, but about all of the options available and which ones will work best for me. 

For the first time, I feel a sense of control over my health, and over my birth control choices.

Written by
Jo Bottell

Jo is one of Tuune's earliest users. She used Tuune 360 to get personalized recommendations and switch to a new birth control pill.

Medically reviewed by
Dr. Arushee Prasad, GP, MBBS (she/her)

Dr Arushee Prasad is a GP for NHS England with an MBBS in Medicine and Surgery, and an MRCGP from the Royal College of General Practitioners. Passionate about digital health and algorithmic medicine, Arushee was previously an Algorithmic Medical Doctor for Docly.


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